EAR Foundation

The Healer: Special Signature Guitar Designed

Delgado Guitars Steps in to Support EAR Foundation

This model was originally designed by Manuel A. Delgado to help victims of cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses, along with their families. It’s very appropriate that “The Healer” be used in such a way to benefit the EAR Foundation as well. This guitar is a dreadnought, acoustic guitar.

It has a solid cedar top, solid mahogany sides, back, and neck with an ebony fingerboard and Bridge. The binding around the body and head stock are maple with their own rustic in-lay. The rosette is made of intricate in-lays of bursting abalone striping, symbolizing the sound resonating from the guitar. Manuel A. Delgado designed this particular “Healer” model especially for the EAR Foundation. His creative idea was to visually represent the sound and/or music the guitar would produce. This guitar is a communicative instrument, not only musically, but visually as well, bridging the gap between the hearing world and the deaf.

Shauna Mosley, President of AccessTalent, a company who links the music industry with the corporate companies and non-profit organizations, discovered Delgado Guitars through a mutual contact and thought the pairing between Delgado Guitars and the EAR Foundation was a natural one. She invited Delgado, who is a third generation luthier, to be part of the fundraising for the Minnie Pearl Scholarship Fund. Delgado had already been thinking about a design that he wished to use to help others and he already had a title for the guitar, “The Healer.”

This beautiful instrument, with a very significant meaning, will be auctioned to help bring awareness and funding to the EAR Foundation for The Minnie Pearl Scholarship, which is awarded to a young man or woman who is hearing impaired and wishes to attend college. The past recipients of this prestigious scholarship are very impressive young men and women who maintain a high grade point average and are very active in their communities. Fifty-nine scholarships have been awarded since 1986. Visit EARFoundation.org for more details.

Artists involved include; The Gaither Vocal Band, Bill & Gloria Gaither, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Crabb Family, Little Jimmy Dickens, Pam Tillis, Steve Wariner, Bill Anderson, Jimmy C. Newman, & Mel Tillis.

I don’t know what I love the most about Delgado guitars, the way they look or the way they sound. I did a gig the other week at a club playing I had five separate people come up to me while I was still on stage and ask me what kind of a bass I was playing. They all complemented on the sound but I can guarantee you they all noticed the instrument as soon as they walked in the door. Three of them were guitarists, one was a bassist, and the fifth one was a drummer! Manuel has an unlimited amount of knowledge and attention to detail that is rare to find in anyone, regardless of what business you might be in. Delgado guitars not only look and sound great, they are inspiring each and every time you pick one up. It doesn’t get any better if each time you pick up your instrument, you are inspired to play or create.

Ron Gomez (Nashville)"Delgado Bass" model

I have played with lots of different guitars and grew up in a family of Greek musicians. The one thing I noticed immediately with Delgado guitars is that It had an authentic spirit. I got excited again for the first time in years to hold and play a guitar. The love put into the instruments built gives me the feeling that it has a heartbeat of It’s own. I look forward to writing my songs through it.

Steven Delopoulos of "Burlap to Cashmere" recording artist, singer/songwriter, guitarist.(New Jersey)

I decided to return to the guitar at age 56 after recovering from a heart transplant. I wanted a single instrument that would last a life time. What I received from Manuel was a work of art that has a beautiful voice and a soul as well.

William A. Biermann (Pennsylvania) Classical Guitar-"Marta" model