The Hutzel

HutzelSquare neck resophonic Model: "Hutzel"

The Hutzel name comes from Hutsell in Athens, Tennessee where Manuel's father-in-law was born. He named the resophonic after him because his appearance is striking, but you get the feel of a warm, gentle figure. However, there is an inner strength and depth that is hidden inside. This is the Hutzel sound.

The Hutzel is a unique design. The body is built around the neck (not a slide in neck) which creates a strong, solid transfer of the vibrations. With "triangle back bracing"(c) and sound posts all built from solid wood. The marriage of these features with a mahogany rim for the cone to rest on and a classical like bracing on the top, creates a tone like no other. Not only does Hutzel sound great, he has sustain and volume to compete in any bluegrass or country jam. You wont get a "tinny" metallic sound with Hutzel. He was designed to allow the voice of the solid woods from the top and body to sing. Available in multiple wood combinations.

I promise you, you've never heard anything like it!

Hutzel Hutzel

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