Healer | Dreadnought

Dreadnought Model : “Healer”

I lost my father to cancer and have a courageous sister-in-law fighting breast cancer. Also, her three year-old daughter, my niece, has diabetes. I know how these diseases can hurt not only those with the illness, but the families who struggle and help them fight. This is to honor my father, my sister-in-law, and my niece. Hopefully, God will bless other families through this guitar as well.

For every “Healer” model sold, you will not only be getting an extraordinary guitar wonderfully built and beautifully designed, but you will also be healing people. I donate a portion of the sale of this model guitar to help families or individuals struggling with the expenses related to cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses.This is more than a dreadnought guitar. Its sound will heal your pain and awaken your creative imagination, a simple design for wonderful music. I call this guitar the “Healer” because I believe in the healing power of music. I have hope for what it can do.

The “Healer” comes with a solid spruce or cedar top, solid mahogany sides, back, and neck, and an ebony fingerboard & bridge. Indian rosewood is used for the binding, and bone is used for the nut and saddle. As with all instruments, pick-ups and additional custom inlay is optional. It is also slightly slimmer than most dreadnoughts in the side width, but it delivers a stronger sound in comparison.

I don’t know what I love the most about Delgado guitars, the way they look or the way they sound. I did a gig the other week at a club playing I had five separate people come up to me while I was still on stage and ask me what kind of a bass I was playing. They all complemented on the sound but I can guarantee you they all noticed the instrument as soon as they walked in the door. Three of them were guitarists, one was a bassist, and the fifth one was a drummer! Manuel has an unlimited amount of knowledge and attention to detail that is rare to find in anyone, regardless of what business you might be in. Delgado guitars not only look and sound great, they are inspiring each and every time you pick one up. It doesn’t get any better if each time you pick up your instrument, you are inspired to play or create.

Ron Gomez (Nashville)"Delgado Bass" model

I have played with lots of different guitars and grew up in a family of Greek musicians. The one thing I noticed immediately with Delgado guitars is that It had an authentic spirit. I got excited again for the first time in years to hold and play a guitar. The love put into the instruments built gives me the feeling that it has a heartbeat of It’s own. I look forward to writing my songs through it.

Steven Delopoulos of "Burlap to Cashmere" recording artist, singer/songwriter, guitarist.(New Jersey)

I decided to return to the guitar at age 56 after recovering from a heart transplant. I wanted a single instrument that would last a life time. What I received from Manuel was a work of art that has a beautiful voice and a soul as well.

William A. Biermann (Pennsylvania) Classical Guitar-"Marta" model