Delgado Guitars

Candelario | Concert Classical

Our Candelario model is named after Manuel’s father. This concert classical model is only available in master grade woods. The body style is the same design used on instruments made for artist from Andres Segovia to Jose Feliciano. It is a larger style body, not in depth, but in length of shape. This model is available in a 650 mm scale, but recommended scale is 664 mm. This instrument is only available through custom order, and a one year waiting list is standard on this model.
Cedar or spruce top is an option on this model, and it presents itself with a commanding strength in voice, but warm and inviting in tone. Truly a master instrument.

Steven Delopoulos

I have played with lots of different guitars and grew up in a family of Greek musicians. The one thing I noticed immediately with Delgado guitars is that It had an authentic spirit. I got excited again for the first time in years to hold and play a guitar. The love put into the instruments built gives me the feeling that it has a heartbeat of It’s own. I look forward to writing my songs through it.

Steven Delopoulos of "Burlap to Cashmere" recording artist, singer/songwriter, guitarist.(New Jersey)

William A. Biermann

I decided to return to the guitar at age 56 after recovering from a heart transplant. I wanted a single instrument that would last a life time. What I received from Manuel was a work of art that has a beautiful voice and a soul as well.

William A. Biermann (Pennsylvania) Classical Guitar-"Marta" model