Delgado Guitars


The Delgado family has been making ukulele models for decades, as far back as the 1940’s. We offer models in all sizes; soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, as well as the taropatch and tiple models in the ukulele family.

We are also known for some of our innovative ukulélé models, for example, a tenor concert body, tenor scale 5 string uke where the 4th string is doubled with a high and low G octave.

Manuel Delgado also created a six string tenor ukulélé with the ability to double any of the 4 strings you choose.

William A. Biermann

I decided to return to the guitar at age 56 after recovering from a heart transplant. I wanted a single instrument that would last a life time. What I received from Manuel was a work of art that has a beautiful voice and a soul as well.

William A. Biermann (Pennsylvania) Classical Guitar-"Marta" model

Steven Delopoulos

I have played with lots of different guitars and grew up in a family of Greek musicians. The one thing I noticed immediately with Delgado guitars is that It had an authentic spirit. I got excited again for the first time in years to hold and play a guitar. The love put into the instruments built gives me the feeling that it has a heartbeat of It’s own. I look forward to writing my songs through it.

Steven Delopoulos of "Burlap to Cashmere" recording artist, singer/songwriter, guitarist.(New Jersey)